In this age of digital technology, it is becoming increasingly rare for people to have face-to-face contact with Banks. You can either do multiple tasks thru the internet or you may call the Bank’s hotline, which more often than not will take you forever to get connected to a customer service representative.

But there are still compelling reasons why there is still nothing like seeing the person you are transacting with face-to-face.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t ditch your friendly community-based RURAL BANK.



In most community banks or rural banks, everyone is generally much nicer. From the security guard all the way to the highest Bank officer, you will definitely feel more welcome.

If you come fairly regularly they will surely even know you by your first name. No need for you to verify your identity by answering security questions. It’s the personalized touch that sets Rural Banks apart.

2. At HOME feel

It doesn’t matter if you come in your tattered shirts or your half-broken slippers. No need to get all dressed. Come as you please and be assured that your account will be treated in the same way as the next client in a squeaky clean pair of shoes and well-pressed clothes. Your account is just as valuable.

At MVSM Bank, you will notice that while the facilities are modern, the feeling is nevertheless “homey”.

3. RURAL BANKS are stable

Choose a rural bank that has been around for decades. MVSM Bank (A Rural Bank Since 1953) has been serving the towns of Marikina and San Mateo back when commercial banks wouldn’t even think of investing in these once sleepy towns.

All roads led to the RURAL BANKS in the 50’s and the same can still be said today. Rural Banks have come a long way and are managed professionally as the Bangko Sentral ng Piipinas ensures that Banks are stable.

MVSM Bank is one of the country’s top rural banks.

4. Faster Service

Because Rural Banks are smaller than their big brother counter-parts, there is less bureaucracy. If you want to borrow money and do not want to pay a lot in interest as compared to the informal lenders, come to a Rural Bank. At MVSM Bank from the time you complete all requirements your loan will be processed in a matter of weeks. Commercial Banks can’t do that for you.

5. Rural Banks support the local economy

The deposits that rural banks generate are lent back to the local economy. Money flows back to the community thru lending to local businesses. Thus, rural banks are really partners in the communities where they belong. And that is how rural banks treat their customers, as partners.

It is the government’s initiative for financial inclusion. Rural Banks support this and long before this was the buzz word, Rural Banks have made this its mission: to provide banking services for everyone.

If these reasons are not enough for you to choose a Rural Bank. Visit one today. Visit MVSM BANK and experience what over 3 generations of clients have enjoyed for the past 65 years.